A Wi-Fi extender is a device that appends and boosts up the existing wireless signal connectivity of a W-FI network. The range repeaters tend to eliminate most of the dead zones in your homes and offices. The dead zone is referred to like a particular space in which the Wi-Fi signal cover is the lowest.

The Linksys AC3000 Max-Stream Tri-Band extender features are listed below. Go through the list of features to get a complete prior idea about the extender.

  • Auto firmware update feature lets the user stay with the top-notch features of the extender and they don’t need to worry about the firmware updates as it will be done by the extender itself from time to time.
  • The three frequency bands deliver a blazing fast speed of the wireless data transmission over the network.
  • It has the Wi-Fi range of up to 10,000 sq. feet
  • Linksys AC3000 extender is compatible with all the wireless routers.

The users don’t need to bother about their Wi-Fi range if they have already installed a Wi-Fi extender.
The Linksys Wi-Fi routers are although technically much advanced and built with the best quality, but on the off chance if you face the lack of proper wireless signal in a Wi-Fi network, then you need to get a Linksys range repeater separately and install it in a wireless network of your home and office.

Linksys range extender setup (Linksys AC3000 Tri-Band)

linksys AC3000 Max-Stream
The Linksys range repeaters also need to be set up and configured as we used to set up our Linksys wireless routers.

  • The users can access the Linksys range repeaters admin setup page through the web address www.extender.linksys.com.
  • Then similarly, provide the default login credentials like the username and the password when asked.
  • Upon accessing the home page of your range repeater, look out for the SSID network name of your wireless network.
  • Select your wireless network to get the Linksys extender connected to it.
  • After the successful connection in between the router and the extender, your router’s Wi-Fi strength will get enhanced to an optimum level so that the users don’t have to face the lack of Wi-Fi signal strength.

Linksys range extender setup through smartphone/tablet

  • Open the range extender and plug the power source in and switch it on.
  • Wait for few seconds till its network name displays on your smartphone’s list of available wireless networks.
  • Click the “Linksys range extender” network and proceed.
  • Follow rest of the instructions on the screen to continue with the Linksys range extender setup.

Important points to remember

It is important to remember that this extender is a device that can be used only to enhance the existing wireless signal connectivity of the network.
The Linksys AC3000 wireless range extender can be accessed through either of the two methods i.e. linksyssmartwifi.com or the default IP address
It is recommended that the extender is connected to the wireless router through the Ethernet cables at first for the setup.

Resetting the login password of Linksys AC3000 Tri-Band extender

On the odd chance of the user forgetting the router login password, then what you need to do is just proceed with the extender reset. Follow the steps to reset given below.

  • Assuming that the extender is switched on and connected to the wireless network, insert a pinpointed object in the pinhole given at the back panel of the extender.
  • Insert and hold the reset button pressed for at least 5-10 seconds till the lights go off and on.
  • The extender will reboot at the end and all the settings on the device get erased. Now, you will be able to set up a new password easily. It is advised to set up a complex password including the alpha numeric and the special symbols.